This week ABC News on Campus ran a story about PhD student Joe Sanchez’s Working in Virtual Worlds class on Second Life. Watch it on

Furthermore, Joe’s class has been selected by the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Foundation to host their first Carter Academic Service Entrepreneur Grant in a virtual world. Read more about the grant on Joe’s blog.


The Fall 2008 semester has been going strong for a little over a month now and with it comes a new crop of students working on their Capstones. These can be great opportunities for students to network with professionals both in Austin and beyond, as organizingdesign found out.

One of the LibraryThing users stuck out to me with its use of tagging and what appeared to be a cataloging strategy, and … I got in touch with the person in charge of their library. And not only did I get in touch, she offered me a ton of great insights.

Read more about her Capstone experiences as she tries to Organize and Catalog a Design Library.

This week ellie < libraries participated in “A day in the life of a librarian” week.

All of her days sound really interesting and include little tidbits on how she uses different technologies to help manage some of her work.

Get in, turn on my computer and go start water for tea. Open Firefox and Twirl. Load my Morning Coffee (a Firefox add on that lets you choose pages to open on a given day). For Monday that means my college’s homepage, Gmail (I run all my accounts through Gmail), my work calendar, Meebo, and Pandora. Those are every day. On days I’m on IM duty two Meebo pages open and on Friday Wired’s Geekapedia opens for some fun reading.

Read all of ellie’s days

ALA 2008 has come and gone and a number of iSchoolers were there.

ALA President for 2007-2008 Loriene Roy posted the talk that she gave at Jim Rettig’s inaugural banquet on July 1.

Good moments became good days, months, until a good year passed. It was a good year to be an ALA President.

Read her whole speech, including a long list of ALA’s accomplishments for the previous year.

Over on the Kilgarlin Center Blog, Suzy talks about one of the Preservation Discussion groups that she went to, which involved discussing the “launch of a new website devoted to providing a free resource for preservation education”.

Librarians playing rock bandAs part of the new Gaming in Libraries initiative, Joe Sanchez attended Gaming Night, which sported a mix of video and board game for ALA attendees to play.

Gaming Night was a lot of fun and it served in connecting the traditional board gamers with the newer video-gamers and I think both groups gained respect for each other and saw more similarities than differences.

ellie ❤ libraries has detailed write-ups of many of the panels that she went to, including one called Privacy: Is It Time for a Revolution?. The panelists addressed the questions: Does privacy still matter to information seekers? Do they care and if they don’t, should they?

Do we need to care about our patron’s personal information when they’re so ready to give it up on those social sites?
Well they’re deciding when and where they give it up.
Private is not the same as secret – your parents did something private that’s not a secret or you wouldn’t be here.

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